Java Programming

Introduction to Java Programming

In 1980’s C language becomes very popular because of its easy to use & implement features but the biggest disadvantage of C language is, it follows structural programming concept. Actually, structural programming is pretty much time taking and difficult to use. The first concept of this structural programming was introduced in the 1950’s in ALGOL language.

Later on, the concept of object-oriented programming paradigm was introduced in between 1960. In Object-oriented, programmers mainly focus on objects rather than functions. The concept of object-oriented programming was accepted by many languages such as C++, Python, etc.

Object-oriented programming gives us many features such as polymorphism, classes & objects, inheritance, etc. Due to its popularity, the object-oriented concept was accepted by many other languages such as Objective C, Pascal, Python & the most popular programming language based on object-oriented concept i.e., C++ ( an advanced version of C with some extensions ). C++ gives us many solutions which are not easily possible in C language but it is semi object-oriented language. C++ is the combination of object-oriented and procedural paradigm concept that’s why it is called as semi object-oriented language.

Introduction to Java

Java language was firstly introduced in 1995. It is a fully object-oriented programming paradigm. It’s a class & object-based programming language. In Java, functions are termed as methods. The best advantage of Java language is it’s a machine-independent programming language.

Because of its awesome & easy to use environment, Java language became the most popular programming language around the globe.

Some of the popular applications of Java are :

  • Android Development
  • Various windows software
  • Web applications
  • Scientific applications

Benefits of Java Language

  • Highly Secure – Java language is the highly secure language. Apart from its secure environment, there is also a feature of data hiding which gives us the facility to hide the exact location of data and show only its references.
  • Platform Independent – Java is a platform independent language i.e., we can use the applications of java on any machine because of its compatibility.
  • Code Reusability – Due to its object-oriented environment, Java language allows us to use the code again & again which is written only one time.

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