C Programming Important Concepts

Why C is called as middle-level language

  • C programming language is called as a middle-level language because C language is the combination of high-level language and low-level language.
  • C is a very powerful language but it is also very complex in comparison to high-level languages such as Java, Pascal.
  • C language contains some features of high-level language such as flexibility and control over the program.
  • C is less secure than high-level languages such as Java, C++.
  • C++ is the advance version of C language i.e., C with some extensions is called as C++.
  • C languages are best suited to do low level or machine level works because it is easier to work in C as compared to other low-level languages such as Assembly languages.
  • C language follows a top-down approach.
  • It is a procedural oriented language.
  • Extension of C program is .c

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